Start Gate

Here are a couple of pictures of the start gate arrangement.  This should give you a good idea of how I've arranged my start switch.  Obviously if your start gate is built differently then you need to attach the switch differently.  The critical point is that the switch is in the open (no contact) position when the gate is open.

The first picture shows the gate in the 'open' position (as though a race had started).  You can see the start switch in the foreground.
Start Gate Disengaged, Switch Open [146K]

In this second picture, you see the gate in the 'ready' position with the gate up or closed and the switch engaged.
Start Gate Closed, Switch engaged [140K]

I use the screw, at the bottom left of the switch in the picture, to tighten up the switch against the side of the track. I only put one screw in it to allow easy adjustment of the switch against the start gate.

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