Finish Line

Here you can see how the finish line area looks.  We use a block of foam rubber with a pillow on top as our stop area.  This seems to capture the cars without doing too much damage.  Though not shown in the picture, I usually put a chair behind the foam rubber to keep the cars from pushing it away from the track.

In the foreground, above the track you can see the light fixture that I use.  It is a cheep hardware store clip on light with a 60 watt bulb.  I always carry a spare bulb in my bag, just in case!

I was fortunate enough to have someone build a light stand for me from a brake rotor and some tailpipe.  You can easily use a chair to serve the same purpose.  Just make sure that the light sensors in the track are flooded with light from the incandescent bulb (see the discussion under 'The Track' on the main page).

Finish line area with lamp, lamp stand and foam rubber car stop [93K]

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